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About Blog

Pearl & Whimsy was created when I was really struggling to continue to want to blog. I previously blogged at HelloZelda, which although I still love, I just didn't enjoy blogging there any more, after a few years it all felt a bit stale.

I spent time trying to think of things that meant something to me and couldn't come up with anything that was a) any good, b) catchy or c) actually meant something to me. I knew I wanted an '&' in there somewhere but I couldn't think of what to put around it. I was reading somewhere that using your name is a good idea because you'll never really get bored of it, but I thought that was a little bit too safe for me. Then I started to think of how impulsive I am, literally so impulsive, and thought of words that were kind of similar to it. That's where Whimsy comes in.

The Pearl bit is a bit more special for two reasons. The first is it's one of my birth stones for June and it's a lovely little thing. Second, it was my wonderful little grannie's nickname. Her real name was Margaret, but everyone called her Pearl. She was my absolute favourite person in the whole world and I miss her dearly. When I put the two together Pearl & Whimsy just clicked for me.