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Things I'm looking forward to - House edition

My current desk set up, complete with a two mattress backdrop and cramped work space

For the last few months, Craig and I have been staying with his parents in one of their spare bedrooms while saving for a house. We were saving money while renting but it wasn't making much of an impact with rent and all other bills coming out monthly, so given we had the option to try and save more money this way, it became the obvious choice. Low and behold, it worked a treat! We managed to save the bulk of our deposit in just over three months. Baring in mind we've gone for a very modest little house so our deposit probably wasn't as big others, but a little house is just enough for us and the pets.

I'm so excited to move in. I've been living on my own (with Craig, too) for the last six years so these last three months have really tested my ability to not only change my entire routine, but force me to adapt to new living spaces. I'm not great with change, so living in one bedroom has been difficult. I'm also not the most sociable so it's made for a few awkward encounters along the way. But we've survived and we get the keys on Friday! With all that said, I've made a little list of things I'm looking forward to when we get into the house.

Not sharing a bathroom
Is there anything worse than being desperate to use the bathroom and someone is in the bath? Or the opposite, enjoying a bath and having someone constantly ask when you're coming out? I'm lucky Craig lets me indulge in two hour baths without saying anything.

Being able to make a mess in the kitchen
As I'm not in my own home, I feel awkward making a mess when I cook. I mean, I clean things as I go along obviously, but sometimes there's the odd chopping board, pot or pan that needs cleaning etc, but dinner is made and hot. I end up cleaning up the rest of the mess and by the time I get to my food it's cold. No more. I will be enjoying my food when I make it and then cleaning afterwards.

Not feeling awkward at dinner time
Being vegetarian has it's downsides when everyone you know isn't one. I can't share a meal with anyone, which was fine when it was just Craig as I could accommodate that, but when it's his whole family eating dinner and I'm sat upstairs like a leper, it gets to you after a while. It'll be nice to actually have proper dinner with Craig again.

Being able to keep things in separate rooms
Right now, ALL of our things, including the pets, their stuff and cages, are in the same room along with other stuff from family. To put that in perspective that's two giant cages, three mattresses (only one is ours), two desks, a giant tv, two massive wardrobes (neither are ours), two six-piece chest of drawers (one is ours), a tv unit, a bed frame, a head board (not ours), a gas fire, two chairs, a few guitars and some other things chucked in for good measure. It's a LOT of stuff. It'll be nice to have space again.

Not having to travel an hour on the train anywhere.
Craig's parent's house is kind of out in the country, which is beautiful for the scenery, but a nightmare to get anywhere. Even getting to Glasgow is an hour on the train. Our house is just over fifteen minutes from the city centre, it's brilliant.

We can decorate how we like it
We've always lived in rented flats which means you generally can't decorate without the owners permission. Now we are the owners. If I want a pink wall, I'll paint one. If I want exposed brick in the living room, I'll expose them bricks. If I want to hang a few pictures on the wall, I'll be hanging those without sending a 'Please can I do this?' email first. (Obvs will run it past Craig, though. Don't think he'd appreciate a pink wall..)

So yep, almost time to get some space again, and I literally cannot wait. Wish us luck!

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