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Six bands I've rediscovered

I've been using Spotify for years now and I only figured out that if you scroll down to the bottom of your playlist Spotify recommends bands and songs based on your music that would likely match. I was honestly so happy because I never knew it did this. Hello scrolling for an hour finding loads of bands I'd forgotten about and now love again. So I thought I'd make a wee list of bands I've rediscovered and send you down an emo-memory-lane. (I like to pretend that I didn't go through an emo phase, but I can't deny it, it was glorious)

Enter Shikari
Album - Take To The Skies
Song - Labyrinth

If you'd to ever ask me what my favourite band is I'd always say Pink Floyd. HOWEVER, Enter Shikari are an incredibly close second. I adore this band and have done for a very long time. The first time I heard Sorry You're Not A Winner it blew my little teenage mind. My absolutely fondest memory of them is going to see them at Glasgow Barrowlands when they're second album Common Dreads came out and I got to hold the lead singers hand. I got so involved in the music and crowd I didn't even notice I had lost my shoes! I really messed my feet up by jumping around in my socks and getting my toes squashed, I had to do to the doctors to have two splints put in the next day. Worth it, though. Plus, everyone just knows to do the *clap clap clap* bit.

Panic! At The Disco
Album - A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
Song - The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage

I don't think there's anyone who went through an emo phase and didn't listen to P!ATD and I think pretty much everyone knows the lyrics to I Write Sins Not Tragedies. I loved this album and it was one of the first to be put onto my little MP3 player, the one that when you pressed a button the background light changed colour. You know the one I mean. I still listen to this album on a regular basis and still sing my little heart out if it's ever played in a pub/club.

Fun fact #01 - This band got me banned from MSN for a few weeks. When everyone was going through phases of putting their favourite lyrics as the tag bit I thought it'd be a good idea to put "I've got more wit A better kiss A hotter touch a better fuck Than any boy you'll ever meet Sweetie you had me". In hindsight, probably not a good idea when your dad was constantly checking on you. Also, remember MSN?

Album - Ocean Avenue
Song - Only One

I haven't listened to Yellowcard since I think I left high school. I used to love this band and I found it funny when people asked who I was listening to and they'd be like okkaaayy... Still though, this is a great album and sounds like one of those albums you'd hear in a teen film about coming of age and they're driving through Beverly Hills with the top down and looking all punky and smiley. Good summer music to jump around to.

Album - Fallen
Song - Going Under

Going a little bit more emotionally heavy here, Evanescence definitely played a huge part of teen life. I remember the first time I ever heard Bring Me To Life was on Top of the Pops and I literally jumped out of my room and downstairs to turn the volume up and stare in awe at the TV. Hooked, instantly. I used to try and dress up like Amy Lee, but could never pull off that heavy make up look and just ended up looking like that girl from The Ring. Maybe one day.

My Chemical Romance
Album - Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
Song - Thank You For The Venom

I couldn't write a list like this and not include MCR. I mean, c'mon, I'm Not Okay is like an emo anthem. Can anyone actually resist screaming out the lyrics to this when it plays? Even the 'trust me' part. This was the first band I ever let my dad listen to when I started to branch out into my own music and I was so nervous about it because, if you couldn't tell, my dad was very strict. I let him watch the video and listen to I'm Not Okay and he just looked so disappointed in me, but let it slide. I was allowed to listen to them and venture into my little emo phase. Cheers, dad.

Fun fact #02 - I used to be close friends with this girl in high school who, after finding out I liked MCR as well, fell out with me instantly and stopped talking to me because they were "her band" and I wasn't allowed to listen to them. I took it pretty hard, but looking back on it now it honestly makes me laugh so much.

Fallout Boy
Album - Take This To Your Grave / From Under The Cork Tree
Song - Calm Before The Storm / Sugar, We're Goin Down

I couldn't pick a single album or song for Fallout Boy, because I love them equally. Calm Before The Storm I think is the only song where you can hear them try to add a little "screamo" to the song with Pete Wentz, but it don't think it went down too well and they stopped it from there. Still though, it's a great song and my favourite on that album. Again, talking about anthems - Sugar, We're Goin Down is another one that I think that everyone just instinctively knows. Put it on, I dare you to not sing along.

So there you go, a few bands for you to go back and listen to and relive the glory days of emo and punk music. Oh, and if you didn't ever listen to these bands when they first came around, go listen now, you won't regret it!

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