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Going back to college again

Since starting college again this year, I've realised a few things about myself and other people. To start with, I kept actually going back to college a secret as I wanted to be absolutely sure that I was going through with it. I'd been considering going back to college for the last four years and it's only been this year that I decided to go for it.

So I enrolled and I'm now classed as a mature student studying web development and digital design. Mature student. At my interview when she was discussing my portfolio she said I'd be a mature student because I'm over twenty-five and my heart sank into my stomach. Mature? If she really knew me, she would not be calling me mature. I act like a child 90% of the time and the other 10% I'm just hiding the fact that I want to act like a child. But yeah, I'm a student now, mature or not.

Going back to study is super weird though as I've not been in a classroom environment in over six years. I'd forgot all about registration, listening to a lecturer for three hours and finding it annoying when the person sitting next to me will not stop talking. So, here's a few things I've learned since going back to college.

I'm totally over-prepared.
I purchased loads of new stationery, despite not needing any of it. I finally bought myself an Ipad Pro because I knew it would come in handy for the design aspect of it (I'd wanted one for ages anyway!). I've sectioned all my classes into folders and categories in OneNote, along with doodled notes, slides, PDF's and more, it's all so neat and organised and I'm only a week in. Hopefully I can keep it up.

People talking over the lecturer when they speak makes me realise that maybe I am a mature student.
Mature enough to know that when someone is speaking, you're generally meant to be listening. Especially when that person is the one who will decide if you pass or fail, so ye know, shh?

I now have no patience for people younger than me when they say 'back in the day' or something else implying they're old.
You're not old, you're literally eighteen. Lighten up and stop being such a moan. I mean I know I'm only twenty-six, but c'mon.

I'm not a fan of people who are deliberately annoying and disruptive.
High school is over, guys, that joke about 'your maw' should've stayed in first year where it belongs. If you want to make a joke that silly, save it for outside the classroom. Also, no one cares if you find this SO EASY!!!, please stop shouting out random spouts of half conversation to the entire room.

I actually enjoy getting up early now and can function fine with less sleep.
I used to find that when I was working full time I would need at least seven or eight hours sleep in order to feel well rested and I loathed getting up in the morning. Now, I can get by on around four to five hours sleep and love getting up in the morning. I actually wake up enthusiastic about my day because I know I'm going out to do something I genuinely find interesting and not something I feel like I'm being forced to do. It's so refreshing.

I'm keeping in mind that I'm not just doing this for myself.
As cheesy and lovey-dovey as it sounds, I'm actually doing this for Craig, too. He left his course and university and walked into a well paying graduate position with almost no down time in between and has been earning so much more than me ever since. I want to be able to reverse that or at least make it even. He's definitely the breadwinner in the relationship, but I'm hoping that once I get the qualification I'm after that it can be a bit more even on the financial side of things.

So yeah, I'm officially back to be a student again. Although, I do completely hate my student ID card, the picture on it is the worst. I look so angry and ready to punch the camera away from me. In my defence though, I'd gotten soaked walking from the train station to the class so I was probably a little grumpy.

Anyway, I'm off to go do my homework.

Homework.. still sounds weird to me.

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