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moving house and catching up

I never know how to start off one of these catch up / chatty style posts without being like "hi guys!" and it's all cheesy and stuff, like I'm speaking to my millions of youtube subscribers and it's all cheery and smiley, you know? Anyway, I suppose this counts as a start to a post.

The past few weeks have been crazy hectic. We moved out of our cute little flat for various reasons and are now living in Lanark, a little town kind of out in the countryside. The house is in the middle of a park, which means that nature walks, listening to the birds, spotting foxes and cycling are now all on the cards. We're using the time to help save more for a house. Renting made it difficult to save, so this will ease the pressure a little.

I've also been looking into going to college again, only this time to study something I'm genuinely interested in. It's not quite set in stone yet, but it's looking more likely that I'll be a student again. I've come completely away from student life so this will probably be a huge shock to my system when the year starts. Hopefully it only leads to good things though.

The only downside with living where we are now is the lack of internet, the connection here is quite slow so it's going to make posting things fairly difficult. It also means I now can't stream things online, so I'm saying goodbye to Netflix etc for the time being. At least until we buy our own house anyway. Things might be quiet around this little blog for a while, but should hopefully be able to squeeze the odd post in here or there, hopefully!

t h a n k   y o u   f o r   r e a d i n g
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