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Why I'm gradually going Vegan

On the 17th March I made the decision to go vegetarian.

This is something I've been wanting to do for years but there's always been a few factors that have stopped me doing it. Selfishly, I let them get in the way. Silly things like it'll make it harder for Craig and I to share a meal together (because he's so bloody fussy), I would have to learn how to cook differently without using meat as the main of a dish and I would have to learn to cook with different ingredients. The majority of my reasons came down to laziness and then I eventually decided enough is enough and quit altogether.

I haven't noticed much of a difference in my diet at all, I never really ate that much meat to begin with. The only time I would eat any meat is if I Craig and I were having dinner and because he eats meat I generally would too.

I have noticed a change in my energy levels though. Surprisingly I no longer feel tired quite as much and I don't get as many headaches as I used to. This could be down a few things as I've recently been drinking so much more water and cutting out sugar as well, but it probably is helping me.

My main goal is to eventually be vegan. I've already started cutting out some other animal based products from my diet such as milk, but I haven't cut out dairy completely yet. Along with this I've made the decision to go Cruelty Free in the beauty products I buy. I've been reading a lot more into the way animals are treated and tested on and, quite honestly, it is horrific. Especially since there are so many other proven ways to test products without using animals.

I already own a lot of products that were made by companies who test on animals and I'm not going to throw them away. It seems horrible to admit out loud, but I don't feel like wasting hundreds of pounds by throwing away brand new products or items I've barely used. The way I see it is I've already bought it, I won't be buying it again, so I might as well use it.

The concern for me is that when I talk to people about going vegan gradually that they start getting high and mighty and essentially claim that I should just be vegan right now, with no in-between. As much as I would love to just change my entire lifestyle overnight, I don't think I can. I've spent my whole life eating whatever I want, buying whatever products I liked the look of and not thinking about the consequences. It's unfair for someone to just turn around and say do it now.

I will get there, and the fact that I'm doing it (however slowly) is brilliant. All it takes is for people to cut back and it will still make a difference. Cutting back is still better than nothing!

Right now I'm struggling to find brands and products I like that are cruelty free. If anyone has any suggestions for make up, hair care and skin care, especially ones found on the high street, send them my way!

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