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Where to buy cute stuff when you love cats

It's no secret that I'm a cat person. I've always lived with cats and thought they were one of the best pets you could have. I don't have a cat right now because after my lovely little Winry was put to sleep last year, I haven't had the heart to want to get another little bundle of fluff quite yet. Maybe soon, but right now I'm still heartbroken over losing her.

What I do in the mean time is buy loads of cat things! I mean, how many cat mugs is too many? So I thought I'd do a little post of a few of my favourite little cat items I have in the flat, as after posting a photo of the cat mug a few people were asking where I'd got it.

Starting at the top is a little coin purse I got from H&M in one of those sections they keep near the till to tempt you into buying all the little things there. I always get suckered in by the stuff they keep at the tills! I keep coins in this as I don't like them bulking up my purse when it's in my bag.

The cat mug on the left is from Accessorize, I got it in a 3-for-2 sale at Christmas last year. I was browsing for some bits for my mum and ended up coming out with this for myself as well. I couldn't resist. The one on the left is from Etsy and I had favourited it about a year ago and just never got around to purchasing it until last month. It's actually my favourite because it's about the twice the size of a normal cup meaning I can drink more tea from it. When I'm not using it, I actually have it sitting on my desk because it's so cute!

The little white cat dish I got from Oliver Bonas, one of my all time favourite shops. I was coming back from work and popped into their Glasgow Central branch and decided it was too pretty to not bring home with me. The bigger black cat dish is actually a cat bowl that I found in the pet section in TK Maxx. It was quite dirty and scuffed so I gave it a good scrub when I got it home and it turned out really nice. I use them for keeping my jewellery from rolling around my side cabinet when I'm in bed!

While writing this post I've also spotted a few more cat things online that I'm feeling should be added to my collection. Like this bag - how cute is that?!

t h a n k   y o u   f o r   r e a d i n g
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