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How to add a custom domain to blogger

When I updated my blog and changed my URL I got a few messages on Twitter asking me how I got my domain name to link with my Blogger account. So I thought I'd write out a little tutorial showing you a step-by-step guide on how to do it!

This tutorial requires you to already have your own domain purchased, so if you haven't done that, better think up a blog name and purchase it. I use GoDaddy to purchase mine. I've used them for years and never seen any downtime or anything, so this tutorial will show examples used from their website. The guide will still work with other domain providers, but the screenshots won't look like your account and settings page etc, but you should still be able to follow it.
(this is no way affiliated with GoDaddy, that's just who I personally use!)

Go to Blogger and in the left hand side menu, scroll down to 'Settings' and then 'Basic'. You should see your existing Blogger address and then underneath is a link that says 'Set up a third-party URL for your blog'. Click this and it should open up a box for you to type in your new domain name. Type this in and press 'Save'. This will error and will provide you with more information as shown in the screenshot below.

This information is needed to redirect your domain to your blog so keep this page open as you'll be coming back to it in a second to copy some of the text. Now you need to go to your GoDaddy account. Click on your chosen domain name and then scroll down until you see a link for 'Manage DNS'. It should open up to a page that will have your domain's existing settings already entered as shown in the below screenshots.

The first thing you're going to do is edit the existing IP address shown in the top line of the settings. Change it so it looks like the line of text shown below.

Type 'A'         Name '@'         Value ''

Once you've done that, you need to add and edit two more things. You're going to add the information that I mentioned earlier from Blogger, the lines of text with all the letters and numbers. If you scroll down you should see an 'Add' button, use this to add new lines in the settings. Add as shown below.

Type 'CNAME'         Name '5c3skczgszgk'         Value 'gv-s4rioho4lfozbc.dv.googlehosted.com'

Then you need to edit an existing line, look for one that has the same information as below.

Type 'CNAME'         Name 'WWW'         Value '@'

You need to change the '@' to 'ghs.google.com' as shown here.

Type 'CNAME'         Name 'WWW'         Value 'ghs.google.com'

Now you need to add three more IP address. Again, add a new line and paste as shown below.

Type 'A'         Name '@'         Value ''
Type 'A'         Name '@'         Value ''
Type 'A'         Name '@'         Value ''

Once you've done that, it should look the same (or similar) to the screenshot below.

Now you should be able to go back to Blogger and save your domain name again and this time it will actually save your settings. Make sure you tick the button that redirects underneath where you typed your domain name. This will make sure that if someone types your domain without typing the 'www.' it still redirects as normal.

Voila, you're all done! Now all you need to do now is update your social media and any existing links to your Blogger URL. Let me know how you get on this with guide and if it helped your or if you need any more help with the settings!

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