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A new start - Pearl & Whimsy

Over the last few weeks I've really struggled to maintain an active interest in blogging and I couldn't really figure out why. I tried changing up my blog look, how I took my photos, what I wrote about and nothing really worked. I put it down to it all feeling a little bit stale. Then I was scrolling through Twitter and noticed there were a few people talking about re-branding their blog and when I thought about it a little more I realised that's exactly what I wanted to do.

Although I loved my old blog and blog name - Hello Zelda - I just didn't feel attached to it any more. I felt that I named it after something that was too specific and whilst it's no secret that I am fond of a Zelda game or two, I think I pigeon holed myself a little. I started to think about what I wanted in my new blog name. I knew I wanted it to still meant something to me but also wasn't too specific. I considered using my name but then decided that was a little bit too safe.

I chose Pearl for two reasons. Firstly it's one the birth stones for June, my birth month, and Pearls are lovely little things. Lastly, Pearl was the name of my wonderful Gran and she was my favourite person in the whole world. Her real name was Margaret but everyone knew her as Pearl.

Then I started to think about how I felt it was too safe to use my name for the new blog and that led me to think about how impulsive I am. It's not a great character trait, but I like it, most of the time it keeps things interesting. I was thinking of other words like impulsive and eventually came to whimsical then shortened it to Whimsy.

I put a little '&' in there and finally settled on Pearl & Whimsy. It took me just a few hours to set up the new blog, emails, swap all the social media over update everything. I'm actually quite proud of how quickly I set everything up without help as last time I tried to do something like this I had to ask for quite a bit of help!

I want to go back to blogging and how I used to know it. I feel like the blogging industry has changed massively, for the better mostly, but I miss how personal blogging used to be. That's what this space is for me - a personal outlet - and I hope things only getting better for here on out!

If you've stuck around since the beginning when I started Hello Zelda, thank you! I hope you'll stick around a little longer to see how this new blog will grow and develop. I do have a few big plans for it!

t h a n k   y o u   f o r   r e a d i n g
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