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Why it's okay to make small changes

First of all, I'll get this out of the way quickly, I don't think I'll ever tire of the peace sign pose for selfies, it just reminds me of all the love I had for the Spice Girls. Second of all, my hair is no longer pink, it's back to being a weird faded gingery colour, the pink did not last long at all. (also shamelessly posting a selfie!)

Okay, on to the main reason for the blog post - I'm talking about making changes in your life.

This post will focus on small changes regarding vegetarians, vegans and cruelty free products, so if you fit into one of those categories or are interested in reading a bit more then sit down and get comfy cause this could be a long one.

Life update & mid year goals

Time for another little life update as I've not written anything here in over a week. I do have good reason though - I've not been myself recently. In fact, it's more than that. I've not been myself, I've lost all track of dates and days, I've been to and from the doctors like a yo-yo and I just generally feel awful. I'm eating probably less than one meal per day and struggling with that and I barely leave my flat, unless I need to go to the shop for food etc.

Why I'm gradually going Vegan

On the 17th March I made the decision to go vegetarian.

This is something I've been wanting to do for years but there's always been a few factors that have stopped me doing it. Selfishly, I let them get in the way. Silly things like it'll make it harder for Craig and I to share a meal together (because he's so bloody fussy), I would have to learn how to cook differently without using meat as the main of a dish and I would have to learn to cook with different ingredients. The majority of my reasons came down to laziness and then I eventually decided enough is enough and quit altogether.

Where to buy cute stuff when you love cats

It's no secret that I'm a cat person. I've always lived with cats and thought they were one of the best pets you could have. I don't have a cat right now because after my lovely little Winry was put to sleep last year, I haven't had the heart to want to get another little bundle of fluff quite yet. Maybe soon, but right now I'm still heartbroken over losing her.

What I do in the mean time is buy loads of cat things! I mean, how many cat mugs is too many? So I thought I'd do a little post of a few of my favourite little cat items I have in the flat, as after posting a photo of the cat mug a few people were asking where I'd got it.

How to add a custom domain to blogger

When I updated my blog and changed my URL I got a few messages on Twitter asking me how I got my domain name to link with my Blogger account. So I thought I'd write out a little tutorial showing you a step-by-step guide on how to do it!

A new start - Pearl & Whimsy

Over the last few weeks I've really struggled to maintain an active interest in blogging and I couldn't really figure out why. I tried changing up my blog look, how I took my photos, what I wrote about and nothing really worked. I put it down to it all feeling a little bit stale. Then I was scrolling through Twitter and noticed there were a few people talking about re-branding their blog and when I thought about it a little more I realised that's exactly what I wanted to do.